Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nerve Block #1

I had my first nerve block this morning. The procedure wasn't bad at all and was over very quickly! I was feeling ok after it too so I went out to breakfast with my mom who had to drive me because of the anesthesia. Well I ended up passing out and then getting sick in the restaurant bathroom :/ So embarrassing! I guess it was a bad reaction? I'm ok now though.

My back is only a dot sore, which is good, especially since I had 2 injections, one on each side. The pain is already back, though. It was gone for about 4 hours, which was great. But it's ok, I had prepared myself reading about the procedure ahead of time, and knew it probably would only last a couple hours on the first one. It was nice to extinguish the fire for at least a few hours. I'll talk with my doctor in 2 days on what to do next, probably another block and possibly more physical therapy.

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