Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday meals and lessons learned

Saturday was my birthday, so for my meal I chose a Brazilian steakhouse. It was great to be able to eat most of the same things as everyone else and not have to choose from a limited section of the menu. They even brought me flan for my birthday and they checked to make sure it was gluten-free- it was! So that was a really great meal. My mom also made me a homemade cake that I could eat.

Yesterday I went to the city to see a show. We ate and had a short amount of time after to get to the theater. We decided that it would be faster to walk the 10 or so blocks than go get the car, drive there, drive around looking for a parking deck, and walk out and into the theater. We had to walk quickly, and I pushed myself more than I knew I should, without a doubt, walking quickly. By the time we got there I almost fell a couple times because my knees were collapsing under me.

But the seats were fantastic and I didn't have anyone in front of me, so I was at least able to stretch out my legs during the show, which helped while I was in lots of pain. When it was time to leave, I was convinced to just try to walk instead of having to spend money on a cab, and that we could take it slow. That walk back was the longest walk of my life, and I was to the point of tears several times. My knees hurt so bad and were so hot, and they were like jelly underneath me. Thankfully I wear braces on both of them, which helped give me a little extra support, and I walked bending my knees as little as possible, as I always do when they start to give out on me. This was much past that point, though. I was just so bad off and in so much pain.

Today has been excruciating, because I'm always hit extremely hard the next day as well. And it didn't help that it stormed all during today, because we all know what that means: extra inflammation. Right now as I'm typing this tonight, my knees and legs are of course on fire and almost unbearably painful.

It's extremely frustrating to have things like this happen. At the same time, I'm trying to focus on the positive that at least the show was amazing. I'll try to not push myself well past the point I know I can anymore. The consequences are unbearable.

I do now know with certainty that the nerve block has completely worn off- no doubt about it.

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