Friday, November 19, 2010

Nerve Block #2 (Plus Ketamine)

Yesterday was my second nerve block. I was laying in the bed waiting for my turn, and my doctor came out to talk to me. She said she decided she wanted to try using Ketamine too, along with the block, in hoping that it would help break the pain cycle more. I agreed, and then the anesthesiologist came out and talked to me more about it. They also gave me an Ativan tablet to try to prevent any bad side effects from the Ketamine, and I didn't have any scary dreams or anything last night, so I think it worked.

The pain relief was about the same as last time, lasting a little longer, though. I still had overall soreness in the joints pretty quickly after, but I've never known if that pain is part of the RSD or not. Early evening I started getting the hypersensitivity to touch back, I noticed when my pants starting hurting again, and then later in the evening the burning was back.

Well, it was nice to have some relief, of course, again. I did have hopes that this one would last longer than it did, though, especially since the Ketamine was used too, and my doctor and the anesthesiologist both seemed confident that it would do good things. But I guess the fact that it lasted longer than the first one is still progress? I don't know. The office called me today and they said they wanted to schedule another block in 2 weeks, so I did. Right now I'm not meeting with my doctor in the meantime, but I am curious to know what she thinks about the length of the effects of this one.

I didn't faint after this block, which was good! I was very careful and ate my food very slowly, so as not to take any chances. The procedure went smoothly again, I just have had a sore back yesterday and today, but that's expected. I felt so out of it for many hours after the procedure, though, and I seriously couldn't walk right and kept thinking I would fall over. But I didn't! lol Maybe that was due to the Ketamine? I honestly don't know, this was my first experience with it.

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