Friday, November 26, 2010

My First Thanksgiving Gluten Free

I have to admit, not long after I was diagnosed with celiac disease and processed the initial things, I worried about Thanksgiving and how I wouldn't be able to eat much at all. I worried further when my aunt said she was going to host this year. If we weren't having it in our kitchen, we couldn't control how things are cooked. And I couldn't very well ask her to cook things gluten-free just for me. (Well, I could, but I'm the type of person who would never ask anyone to make special accommodations just for me when there are so many other people involved who don't need it.)

But I am very pleased to say I had 2 platefuls of great food!

I did ask my aunt and uncle beforehand how the turkey would be cooked, just so I would know ahead of time if I would be able to eat it or not and what food I should bring for myself. They decided to cook two small turkeys, making one smoked and one deep fried, which was in a clean fryer with clean oil and completely safe. So that was great! I was able to have some of each turkey. Mashed potatoes were ok, of course, but without gravy, and we had a really delicious cranberry relish with oranges and apples and nuts and chocolate, all chopped. And then I brought my own croissant rolls from a GF store, which were actually quite good. Add some salad, and I had a full plate. I was so pleased, and the only thing that was specifically GF was my bread.

My mom volunteered to do dessert, so she could make them so I could have them. She got all GF pie crusts, and made 2 different kinds of pumpkin pie that I could have, plus an apple pie.

I was so happy that celiac disease didn't ruin my Thanksgiving. I will never let this disease control my life.

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  1. Good for you! I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving. :)