Thursday, October 21, 2010


I don't think anyone could properly understand someone with CRPS who says their [insert affected body part] feels like it's on fire without actually feeling it for themselves. I'll admit I probably would have found it hard to understand before I had it myself. So how then do we properly describe to people what we're feeling? This is something I'm struggling with.

Additionally, I spend a lot of time with kids between volunteering, my job as a regular babysitter, and spending lots of time with my younger cousins. I wear braces on both knees so the downside is that it's obvious something's wrong. Kids seem to notice the braces more than anything (maybe because of their height?) and are always asking me what's wrong, how I'm doing, and why I'm not getting better. The little sweethearts are asking with the best intentions in mind and I appreciate it so much but my vague answers just aren't cutting it for them lol. I don't always know what to say to them either.

On another note, staying active and working out is very difficult with CRPS because it can cause lots more pain if you're not careful. Since my knee pain started I have found Wii Fit to be a good option. There's lots I can't do on there because I can't kneel at all, and some activities really bother my knees, but there's also lots I can do, and I focus on that. My favorite thing is definitely the boxing. It's really a good workout and helps me get some of my aggression out as well ;) Just thought I'd share the option. I still do all of my PT exercises as well because those are important, but getting a good workout just makes you feel better about yourself with this disease doesn't it? It makes you feel more normal.

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